Wild Warrior Medicine Woman Retreat

Reclaim, Unleash & Alchemize your Wild Warrior Medicine Woman!
May 14-16, 2022
Over the Lunar Eclipse

RECLAIM your WILD in the woods. Connect with the Wildest Mother of all and allow your truest nature to burst forth. Drum, dance, sing, and chant under the moonlight in whatever primal flow connects you with the Lunar cycle and your Soul Sister tribe. Heal your sensual relationship with your body and release any shame you’re carrying. 

UNLEASH your WARRIOR through initiation. Break through your fears with empowered action; walk on the fire and become the flames. Take off your masks and reveal the naked truth of who you truly are. Allow your sister to mirror back to you how they see you and celebrate it through marking it on your body. Let your voice roar and reclaim your primal power. 

ALCHEMIZE your MEDICINE WOMAN through ceremony. Step into your shadows and find your light through indigenous jungle medicines. Fully tap into your own medicine you’ll bring into the world. Reverberate from deep in your womb the ancient ancestral wisdom of the women who walked this earth before us. Rise from the ashes of who you were, and become all you are meant to be. 

River Mountain Glamping in Bedford, PA! 

Saturday, May 14- Monday, May 16, 2022:

Over the Lunar Eclipse!

Led By Jocelyn Boettner & Alli Blair Snyder

Early Bird Pricing – Prior to 9/1/21


Regular Pricing – After 9/1/21


Please contact us with any questions you have! We are honored to create and step into this space with you!

Once you have made your deposit, you will be added to our private Facebook group to begin connecting with your Soul Tribe and to be invited to exclusive events and activities for our group.

Aho sisters!

Jocelyn & Alli