Divine Feminine Retreat in Costa Rica

Discover your soul purpose and fulfill your divine destiny!
November 14-19, 2022

Are you ready to discover your soul’s mission? 

Have you been watching as others in your life step into their power, purpose and mission?

Are you searching and trying to discover your own unique purpose and mission in life? 

Throughout our lives we lose pieces of ourselves to trauma.  Parts of ourselves are taken or hidden away to protect and we begin to forget who we are and what our soul came here to do.  Your soul purpose is as unique as your fingerprint.

Join us on this powerful retreat to reclaim, integrate and realize your unique soul purpose! This retreat is for women of all walks of life who are interested in deep healing and redefining themselves while also experiencing adventure, luxury, and deep sisterhood connections.

The Divine Feminine: Discover your soul purpose and fulfill your divine destiny  is a luxury retreat held at the beautiful Villa Vista Matapalo Mansion located on the Pacific Coast of the Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica!  This stunning home boasts of Pacific views, and has a great outdoor area with a saltwater infinity pool overlooking the Pacific.

Costa Rica’s tropical environment is exactly what your body, mind and soul needs. The hot and humid air is perfect for soothing tired, tense bodies and to center, ground and heal all levels of the body, mind and soul.  

Play in Mother Earths healing waters.  Awaken to the magic and mystery of nature’s signs and wonders.  

As you surround yourself with the wild jungle, feel that same wild energy begin to unfurl within yourself and make a home deep in your heart.

Embody your true soul essence through deep healing, sisterhood and the magic of Costa Rica has to offer!

Your retreat package includes:  A Private Costa Rican Chef, Luxury Accommodations, Access to House and Community Amenities, All Tours and Excursions, All Meals, Dining Out Experiences, In-Room Massage, Yoga, Airport Transportations, Private and Group Activities, Divine Feminine Ceremonies, Deep Healing.

The Divine Feminine: Discover your soul purpose and fulfill your divine destiny is for you if you…

— feel disconnected from yourself, your joy and your purpose in the present moment

— want release old the stories and that hold you back

— have been feeling stuck & unbalanced in your life

— want to heal your inner wounds

— create everlasting bonds and sisterhood

— want to travel & pamper your body, mind and soul and experience the magic of Costa Rica

The Divine Feminine: Discover your soul purpose and fulfill your divine destiny  has been handcrafted with love, intuition and heart centered awareness, bringing together a group of divine women for activities that accelerate personal growth, deep healing and profound transformation.

Meet Your Hosts


Jocelyn Boettner is a Shamanic Guide and Intuitive Healer who works with Mother Earth, our most powerful healer, to bring the medicinal and healing effects of our earth through ceremonies and rituals.

Jocelyn invites you to experience, taste, touch and feel Mother Earth as you begin to call forward and become your own medicine woman.

Jocelyn will be leading you through breathwork, body movement and a sacred cacao ceremony all to ground you deeply into your body, open your 3rd eye and embody the medicine of Mother Earth.


Cheryl Kasper is a success mindset coach and a licensed clinical therapist who works with women to uncover their subconscious fears, blocks & beliefs so they can create freedom, alignment & flow in all areas of their life.

Cheryl will be using intuitive energy healing, reiki, biofield tuning forks, and hypnotherapy to uncover trapped emotions and balance the masculine and feminine energies in the body, mind and soul so that deep and profound transformational healing can take place.

Can't wait to see you in Costa Rica!
~xoxo Jocelyn & Cheryl

Shared Room